You remember I buggered up my ancient MacBook?  I’m still cross with myself. I thought I was downloading Windows Media Player for ios. YES I KNOW…..

As much as I wanted to rush out and buy a replacement I slept on my options…twice. Could I transfer photos from the camera to the phone? Yes. Could I write blogs on the iPhone. I bashed one out. Hard on the eyes, but yes It was doable.

As so dear reader here is the current situation.

I took this photo with my iPhone.

The ipad1 plays UK radio over the Internet through the ( excellent ) JBL portable speakers. It’s too slow to do much else. The MacBook won’t load but if switched on it will charge the portable speakers through the USB port. It will not charge the iphone6splus ( a device it doesn’t recognise as it’s too new ) so that has to be plugged into the mains all the time as it is functioning as my main computer and battery life is an issue. Photos are transferred from the LUMIX camera by WiFi to the phone, but it only allows 30 at a time. I write these blogposts on my phone. 

We are talking about battling against adversity  here. Never give up, never say die.

High tech this office is NOT.

This blog is being held together by ‘spit & glue’

Love me for it dear reader. This is painful. 

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