Benidorm, Benicassim, Benitatxell, Benidoleig, Benigembla, I could go on. Some say I ( too ) often do but I digress ( we’ll deal with my personal shortcomings another day folks. K? )

I saw a pattern. Could Beni mean at the foot of Mount xxx ?  The crossing point of River xxx ?

Paging GOOGLE!

Actually, I really need a full time ‘looker upper’ of stuff. From morn till night it’s just question after question don’t you just find?  What’s this mean?  Where is ?  Who is?

We are so lucky to have T’internet as a resource   #ineedpeople   #amoderndayjeeves

Anyway, I was wrong on both counts!

BENIDORM” doesn’t mean “dormir bien”. It comes from the Arabic word “Beni” (meaning “sons of”), like a lot of other villages in Valencia (Benitachell, Beniarbeig, Benigembla, Benimuslin, Beniarres….). They all are old Spanish-Musulman sites. All the names starting with “Beni” means “sons of” or “descendants of”, often referring to a Berber tribe or clan.

So now we know. Rock on.

Well, it was Sunday morning and I went for a drive in the direction of Benidorm. I got to Albir, amazing beach but it was just getting a bit too busy. A heaving Flea Market was on the go, the Hairy Bikers were in town, full English anyone?  It wasn’t working for me.

Look, I’m no snob ( stop laughing back there  in the 1 and 9’s ) and I’m up for a piss up in Benidorm anytime ( I’ve done Blackpool, Rhyl & Skeggy. I’ve earned my stripes. Word of advice. Never EVER go to Rhyl. ) but on a Sunday morning ?   On my own ? Have kiss me quick hat will travel, but…

So I went back to the peace of Altea & L’Olla.

I AM going to blog an album of Benidorm but I will do it from the upper deck of the open top tourist bus. I will ‘park ‘n ride’ from Altea. 

Here are my images.


One thought on “Looking for Beni

  1. Have you heard the story about when Benidorm first became a tourist destination. The local priests were enraged that the mayor allowed women in bikinis on the beach and threatened to have him excommunicated. The mayor got on his scooter and with newspapers under his shirt for protection against the cold he rode to Madrid to see Franco. Against all the odds, Franco agreed to see him and listened to his story. The next summer Mrs Franco went to Benidorm and went on to the beach in a bikini and all talk of excommunication disappeared, and the rest is history.


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