There’s a wonderful website I found a few years ago and bookmarked. Long distance scenic railways in France. Inspired by the narrative, my intention is that next year I will be flashpacking and blogging In France, criss crossing the Massif Central from Clermont Ferrand to several towns on the 

Mediterranean coast. Up down, down up, up down. I digress. It was on this site that I was made aware of Le train Jaune and as result  I decided that on my way to Spain I would travel on the ‘little yellow train’ and go over the Pyrenees to Barcelona rather than round the edge of them. It starts from a walled town called Villefranche-de-Conflent ( think of a mini Carcassone ).  

I’ll not go into all the trouble I had with the fact that the station for Villefranche-de-Conflent is actually called Villefranche-Vernet-les-Bains and is only 500m down the road. It’s a gorgeous town btw. Je reviens.

Point of order. If you want to go to Spain by train you can get to the Costa Brava / Barcelona / Sitges ( possibly Salou ) in one day from St Pancras International. If you want to go further afield to Madrid / Seville / Malaga / Alicante / Valencia you must do an overnight stay in either Paris or Barcelona.

I wasn’t rushing, so I did two overnights on the way, in two great hotels. One positively medieval and one Hyper modern.

Enjoy the images. What you can see from the train is truly amazing ( From Valence to Nîmes in France you have the Alps on one side and Le Massif Central on the other ) and you can wander to the café/bistro whenever you want to stretch your legs, buy wine and maybe meet some of your fellow travellers. Please note that I did travel 1st class ( upstairs ) on the double decker TGV Paris-Barcelona train ( I alighted at Perpignan for my connection ) 

Eat you heart out Sleazyjet. 


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