I went back to Jávea to look at the (working) port & marina which is situated at the foot of Cap de Sant Antoni. Next week I intend to go back again and see the daily fish auction taking place. I may even try to buy a turbot ( rodaballo ). Yum.

Wikipedia informs us that …

Xàbia or Jávea is a coastal town in the comarca of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. Situated on the back side of the Montgó, behind a wide bay and sheltered between two rocky headlands, the town has become a very popular small seaside resort and market town. Half of its resident population and over two thirds of its annual visitors are foreigners. 

Well, what I can tell you is that you can’t get a Guardian in the town for love nor money and trust me I’ve tried! Fortunately I have their excellent app in my phone so all is well. I need to keep an eye on Polly Toynbee in absentia 😀

So, after coffee and people watching ( why do most Brits wear so much beige? ), I drove up  the steep windy roads to Cap Sant Antoni ( brown trouser job when on your own! I find singing loudly helps…) and from there  I proceeded right to the other end of the bay and up past Portixol ( Footballers’ wives villas ) to Cap de la Nau for lunch. Turbot was involved.

The views of the town from Cap de Sant Antoni are magnificent. I struggled to take the photos standing up as I have strong urges to hurl myself down the cliffside when faced with a sheer drop. Think Tosca and the battlements. Similar.



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